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Kramer MV-5

5 Input Multiviewer/Multi-window processor

4 × RGB/Component, 6 × SD, 5 × DVI-D, 4 × SDI inputs; 1 × RGB/Component, 1 × DVI-D, 2 × SDI outputs

£5249 (£6298.80 inc. VAT)
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Kramer MV-5 (60-80036040)

The Kramer MV-5 is a versatile, high performance video and graphic multi-window viewer for DVI signals, SD and HD Analogue signals up to 1920x1200@60Hz, and SDI signals up to 3G HD-SDI. The device can window up to four sources (plus a background) in any layout and output the image as SDI, DVI, component and composite video signals. Both preprogrammed and customizable screen division is supported.

  • Max. Input Data Rate — 3Gbps.
  • Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking™ Technology — Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.
  • Multi-Video Output Formats — SD-SDI (259M), HD-SDI (292M) and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M), HDMI, HD, SD, Analogue and composite.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • HDCP Support on DVI Inputs/Outputs.
  • Powerful Cross Conversion — Any format to any format, any standard to any standard.
  • Input Cable Equalization — Up to 350m (1150ft) for SD signals, 140m (459ft) for 1.5GHz HD signals, and 120m (394ft) for 3GHz HD signals.
  • Chroma-Key Engines — Four independent chroma-key engines for each image layer.
  • Window and Image Scaling — Zooming (up to 1000%) and aspect ratio control.
  • Independent Layer Transparency Control.
  • Image Controls — Brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness.
  • Window or Input Label Insertion.
  • 16 User-Definable Screen Layouts.
  • Screen Handling Buttons — Freeze, size, position.
  • Lock Button — To prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Multiple Control Options — Front panel with menu LCD, on-screen display (OSD), Ethernet and RS-232.
  • Universal Power Supply — 100-240V AC.
  • 7 year warranty (Click Here for details)

Kramer MV-5 Specifications


Inputs 4 × RGB/component HD on 20 BNC connectors, 6 Analogue SD on 12 BNC connectors, 5 DVI-D on DVI-I connectors, 4 SDI on BNC connectors
Outputs 1 × RGB/component HD on 5 BNC connectors, 1 DVI-D on a DVI-I connector, 2 SDI on BNC connectors

Video Specifications

Maximum Output Level 800mVpp/75Ohms
Jitter Better than 0.2UI
Data Rate Up to 2.97Gbps
HDMI Bandwidth Up to 6.75Gbps data rate (2.25Gbps per graphic channel)
HDMI Compliance HDCP (DVI inputs/outputs)
Supported Output Resolutions 480i/60, 576i/50, 720p/50, 720p/59, 720p/60, 1080i/50, 1080i/59, 1080i/60, 1080p/23, 1080p/24, 1080p/25, 1080p/29, 1080p/30, 1080p/50, 1080p/59, 1080p/60, 1080psf/23, 1080psf/24, 1080psf/25, 1080psf/29, 1080psf/30, 640×480/60, 640×480/72, 640×480/75, 640×480/85, 800×600/60, 800×600/72, 800×600/75, 800×600/85, 1024×768/60, 1024×768/70, 1024×768/75, 1024×768/85, 1152×864/75, 1280×768/60rducBL, 1280×768/60, 1280×768/75, 1280×768/85, 1280×960/60, 1280×768/85, 1280×1024/60, 1280×1024/75, 1360×768/60, 1366×768/60, 1400×1050/60rducBL, 1400×1050/60, 1400×1050/75, 1440×900/60rducBL, 1440×900/60, 1440×900/75, 1440×900/85, 1600×1200/60, 1680×1050/60rducBL, 1680×1050/60, 1920×1200/60rducBL


Power 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 57VA
Controls Front panel buttons, RS-232, Ethernet
In The Box MV-5, Power cord, rack "ears"
Product Dimension 19×9.29 × 2U (43.6×23.60×8.80cm) W×D×H
Product Weight 3.7kg (8.0lbs) approx.
Shipping Dimension 55.00×34.00×15.50cm (21.65×13.39×6.10") W×D×H
Shipping Weight 4.9kg (10.8lbs) approx.

Operating Environment

Operating Temp. 0deg. to +40deg.C (32deg. to 104deg.F)
Storage Temp. -40deg.C to +70deg.C (-40deg. to 158deg.F)
Humidity 10% to 90%, RHL non-condensing

Kramer MV-5 Usage Diagram

Kramer MV-5 Usage Diagram