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Projector Technology

A brief introduction to the technology used in front projection systems including LCD, DLP an D-ILA.

Choosing a Business Projector

Guides you through the process of choosing the right projector for your presentations.

Presentation Guide

Covers the concepts and planning behind a presentation, including preparing yourself, deciding on content and designing the presentation.

Digital Video Connectivity

A guide to DVI, HDCP and HDMI.

High Definition Television

A guide to the new high definition standards in video display.

Going Wireless

Wireless and "PC Free" projectors are becoming more and more popular. Ease or cabling and not requiring a PC at all in the case of memory card compatible proecjtors can be and ideal solution.

Projection Screen Types

A general guide to the various types of projection screen.

Choosing the Right Projection Screen Size

Selecting the right size of screen is critical to the success of either a business or home cinema situation. Here we offer some advice.

Choosing the Right Projection Screen Surface

Once you've decided on size, you'll need to think about what type or surface you need, front or rear projector, gain and contrast all have an effect.

Photo Resizing

Following a discussion on projectors with the chairman of a local camera club, we've written a small guide to resizing image for projection and competition entry.