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VGA and Component Distribution Amplifiers and Splitters

Distribution - Component/RGB
Distribution amplifiers / splitters and extenders for analogue component video and computer graphics allow you to take a single source to multiple displays. For distribution over greater distances you should look at Twisted pair solutions or Fibre Optic Solutions. If you need to switch multiple sources to a single display then look at Component/RGB Switching or to switch multiple sources to multiple displays see Component/RGB Matrix Switches.
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Extron Kramer

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer VP-111K 1:1 UXGA Line Amplifier with loop-through £101 £121.20
Kramer VP-12NHD 1:12 VGA/UXGA distribution amplifier + 3 CAT 5 £451 £541.20
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Kramer VP-200AK 1:2 UXGA and Balanced/Unbalanced Audio Distrubutor
1 × 15-pin DSUB + 3.5mm for audio input, 2 × 15-pin DSUB + 3.5mm output
£171 £205.20
Kramer VP-200K 1:2 UXGA Distribution Amplifier with KR-ISP sync technology £69 £82.80
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Kramer VP-200xln 1:2 RGBHV / Audio Distribution Amplifier HD15 In/Out Gain/Peak control £101 £121.20
Kramer VP-2L 1:1 Computer Graphics Amplifier with signal loss compensation
1 × 15-pin dsub input; 1 × 15-pin dsub output
£93 £111.60
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Kramer VP-300K 1:3 UXGA Distribution Amplifier
KR-ISP HD15 In/Out
£85 £102.00
Kramer VP-400K 1:4 Computer Graphics Distribution Amplifier
HD15 In/Out
£101 £121.20
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Kramer VP-6xlN 1:6 VGA/UXGA distribution amplifier HD15 In/Out £272 £326.40
Kramer WXA-2P 1:1 Passive wall plate insert - 15-pin dsub and 3.5mm audio
Available in Black, grey or white
£27 £32.40
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