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VGA and Component Video Matrix Switchers and Routers

Matrix Switching - Component/RGB
Matrix switchers allow multiple sources to be routed to multiple displays so, for example, you can take you can route input number 2 to outputs 1,3 and 6. For DVI matrix switchers click here, HDMI matrix switchers click here, for SDi, HD-SDi and 3G-SDi click here.
Extron Kramer

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer 3232V-XL 32x32 Lassen Compsite Video Matrix Switcher
32 × BNC inputs; 32 × BNC outputs
£2880 £3456.00
Kramer VP-1608 16x8 RGBHV / Audio Matrix Switcher BNC In/Out £2726 £3271.20
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Kramer VP-16x18AK 16x18 Computer Graphics Video & Balanced/Unbalanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher
16 x 15-pin DSub+Audio inputs, 16 x 15-pin DSub+Audio outputs + 2 twisted pair
£4675 £5610.00
Kramer VP-4x4K 4x4 Computer Graphics Video & Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher, RS-232/IR/IP control £545 £654.00
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Kramer VP-8x4AK 8x4 RGBHV
on HD-15 and Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix switcher
£716 £859.20
Kramer VP-8x8 8x8 RGBHV Matrix Switcher HD15 In/Out £989 £1186.80
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Kramer VP-8x8AK 8x8 Computer Graphics Video
15 pin dsub & Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher
£1168 £1401.60