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Mobile presentations for small to medium audiences Projectors

At least XGA resolution, easily portable and bright enough to produce a reasonable image on a typical portable projection screen.

Product Resolution System Weight ANSI
Price Inc.VAT Compare
Epson EB-1780W product image Epson EB-1780W WXGA 1280x800 LCD 1.8kg. 3000 Incandescent Lamp Light Source £781 £937.20
Epson EB-1795F product image Epson EB-1795F 1080P 1920x1080 LCD 1.8kg. 3200 Incandescent Lamp Light Source £918 £1101.60
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Optoma W400+ product image Optoma W400+ WXGA 1280x800 DLP 2.52kg. 4000 Incandescent Lamp Light Source £400 £480.00
Optoma ZH350 product image Optoma ZH350 1080P 1920x1080 DLP 3kg. 3600 LED / Laser Light Source £833 £999.60
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