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Kramer VP-792

Multi-Format to DVI/HDMI Digital HQV Scaler with Warping, Geometric Processing and Edge Blending
1 x DVI, 1 x Component,1 x VGA input; 1 x DVI output

£1714 (£2056.80 inc. VAT)
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Kramer VP-792 Description

The Kramer VP-792 is a high performance scaler for HDMI, DVI, Analogue VGA and component signals. It up- or down-scales the incoming signal, processes the image with HQV, flexible warping, geometry correction and edge blending and outputs the signal to a DVI/HDMI connector.

Kramer VP-792 Key Features

  • Powerful Geometry Correction — For off-axis projection, pin/barrel and image rotation, pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Full Warp Mapping — Easy warp map creation for stacked projector alignment and curved screen multi-projector tiling via an included PC application.
  • Edge Blending — 4-sided soft edge blend for seamless blending of multiple projectors; basic edge blending for general purpose applications.
  • Multi-Format Operation — HDMI, DVI, computer graphics and component inputs for signals up 1080p & WUXGA.
  • HQV® Video Processing — HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processing represents the state-of-the-art in video processing technology, with the highest quality de-interlacing (with 3:2 & 2:2 pull down), 4D motion adaptive SD noise reduction and outstanding scaling performance for both standard-definition and high-definition signals.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • HDCP Compliant.
  • Supported Resolutions — HD 720p, 1080i, 1080psf (psf digital only), 1080p23.97/24/25/30, 1080p30, 1080p59.94, 1080p60; ED 480p, 576p; SD 625i (576i), 525i (480i); common VESA graphics formats from 640x480 to 1920x1200 (with reduced blanking for 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 modes).
  • HDMI Support — Deep colour up to 12 bit.
  • Superior De-interlacing — Motion adaptive per pixel video de-interlacing with multi-directional diagonal de-interlace filter reduces HD & SD image flicker and artifacts.
  • Selectable Processing Versus Latency — Best picture and low latency modes; latency as low as 0.25-frame progressive inputs, 1.25-field interlaced inputs.
  • Selectable I/O Lock Mode — Or frame rate conversion mode.
  • Selectable Aspect Ratio Conversion — Or incoming aspect ratio preserve mode.
  • Flexible colour Calibration Controls — RGB Gains, RGB Cut-Offs/Black Levels, Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Contrast controls, Gamma selection.
  • Built-in Test Pattern Generator.
  • Non-Voltatile Memory — Auto-saves and recalls settings.
  • USB Port — For upgrading firmware.
  • Programmable Customer Logo on Menu.
  • Multiple Control Options — RS-232, TCP/IP API and Web Server, keypad for direct input selection, PC-based Warp Map Generator tool and OSD menu access.
  • 7 year warranty ( Click Here for details)
 VP-792 Product Video

Kramer VP-792 Specifications

Inputs 1 x component video YPbPr(S) or RGBS/RGsB on 3 or 4 BNC connectors, 1 DVI/HDMI on a DVI-I connector, 1 VGA (common with the DVI/HDMI input) on a DVI-I connector
Output 1 x DVI/HDMI on a DVI connector
Output Resolutions Common VESA formats from 640x480 to 1920x1200, and HD formats at 720p, 1080p
Latency As low as 0.25-frame progressive inputs, 1.25-field interlaced inputs
Signal Processing 10-bit signal inputs, 12-bit accurate internal processing
4-field full resolution SD &
HD processing
De-interlacing Motion adaptive per pixel video de-interlacing, multi-directional diagonal de-interlace filter
Warp Apps Full Warp Mapping, 4-Corner, Rotate, Pin/Barrel, Portrait, Keystone
Edge Blending 10-bit alpha blend
Power 12V DC, 1.5A approx
Operating Temp. 0° to +40°C (32° to 104°F)
Storage Temp. -40° to +70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Humidity 10% to 90%, RHL non-condensing
In The Box VP-792, 12V DC power supply, DVI-D cable, user manual/CD
Product Dimension 18.75cmx11.50cmx2.54cm (7.38"x4.53"x1.00") WxDxH
Product Weight 1.8kg (4.1lbs) approx.
Shipping Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs) approx.