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Kramer 602R/T

1:1 Single Link Detachable DVI Optical Transmitter and Receiver

Max bandwidth 4.95Gbps, Max 400m MM/1500m SM at WUXGA/1080p

£475 (£570.00 inc. VAT)
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Kramer 602R/T (94-0000602)

The 602T and 602R are a small and lightweight fiber optic transmitter and receiver pair for DVI signals. The 602T converts electrical signals to optical signals and the 602R decodes the optical signals back to electrical signals.

Kramer 602R/T Key Features

  • Max. Data Rate — 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel).
  • Max. Resolution — Up to WUXGA (1920x1200) @60Hz, 1080p.
  • Standards Compliance — Certified for medical applications according to IEC 60601-1-2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
  • Range — Up to 400m (1312ft) (multimode); up to 1500m (5000ft) (single-mode).
  • Cable — 2LC single or multimode fiber optic cable.
  • EDID Capture — Copy and store EDID data from display devices.
  • Advanced Solution — Small and lightweight, indispensable asset in any digital signage application.
  • Standards Compliance — Supports DVI1.0 and DDC2B, fully implemented by fiber-optic communication.
  • Not HDCP Compliant.
  • EMI/RFI Free.
  • 7 year warranty (Click Here for details)
  • Order Code: 94-0000602

Kramer 602R/T Downloads

Fibre Optic

Kramer 602R/T Specifications


Inputs DVI-D on a DVI-I connector (602T), 2 LC optical connectors (602R)
Outputs 2 x LC optical connectors (602T), DVI-D on a DVI-I connector (602R)

Video Specifications

Resolution Up to WUXGA @60Hz (1.65Gbps)


Power 5V DC, <500mA
In The Box 602R/T, 2 power supplies

Kramer 602R/T Usage Diagram

Kramer 602R/T Usage Diagram

Replacement Power Supplies

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer VA-102P5 10-Output 5v DC/18A Power Supply (Max 1.8 Amp per channel) £440 £528.00

Kramer 602R/T Optional Cables

DescriptionLengthPriceInc. VAT
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-33 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 10.0m £47 £56.40
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-66 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 20.0m £81 £97.20
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-98 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 30.0m £106 £127.20
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-164 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 50.0m £176 £211.20
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-246 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 75.0m £263 £315.60
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-328 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 100.0m £351 £421.20
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-558 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 170.0m £595 £714.00
Kramer CLS-2LC/OM3-656 2 LC Multimode LSHF fibre optic cable 200.0m £699 £838.80
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Kramer 602R/T Possible Alternatives

Product CodeDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer 616T/616R 1:1 Dual-link DVI Tx/Rx Extender over Ultra-Reach MM Fiber £1377 £1652.40