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Extron ISM 482 (60-425-01)

Eight Input, Two Output Integration Scaling Matrix Switcher

Extron ISM 482 product image

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The Extron ISM 482 Integration Scaling Matrix Switcher has eight configurable inputs and two audio/video outputs with built-in, high performance video scalers. It includes proprietary Extron technologies for superior scaling, such as 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection, DMI - Dynamic Motion Interpolation, and patented AFL - Accu-RATE Frame Lock.

The ISM 482 is designed for installation applications that require matrix switching and two individually scaled outputs. It provides flexibility in selecting output resolution to two different displays. This matrix switcher is the ideal solution for use in dual-display videoconferencing and presentation environments such as boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, courtrooms, churches, and auditoriums.

The ISM 482 offers eight video inputs configurable for RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, component video, S-video, or composite video on female BNC connectors and two high resolution RGB outputs on female BNC and/or female 15-pin HD connectors. Balanced or unbalanced stereo audio is accepted on eight captive screw connectors and is output as balanced or unbalanced on two captive screw connectors. The ISM 482 accepts HDTV and supports 40 different output rates up to 1400x1050.

The ISM 482 can be controlled through the RS-232 serial port or the IP Link Ethernet port. IP Link is a high performance intelligent network integration solution specifically developed by Extron to meet the needs of professional A/V environments. Ethernet-enabled A/V products, such as the ISM Series, can be managed and supported by a technician or administrator at any time from any computer with a Web browser.

Extron ISM 482 Key Features

Extron ISM 482 Usage Diagram

Extron ISM 482 Usage Diagram