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Extron DVS 304 DVI D (60-1027-03)

Four Input Video/RGB Scaler with RGBHV, DVI and SDI Input

Extron DVS 304 DVI D product image

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The Extron DVS 304 DVI is a Video and RGB Scaler incorporating advanced scaling technology from Extron as well as a host of flexible, convenient, integrator-friendly features. This high performance scaler is designed to satisfy the requirements of today's high quality, high resolution video presentations using the latest displays, and at the same time facilitate the process of system integration. The DVS 304 DVI offers high performance video processing with selectable output rates up to 1920x1200 and HDTV 1080p/60, as well as simultaneous DVI and Analogue RGB or component video outputs. It is ideal for a wide range of A/V environments including boardrooms, conference rooms, educational institutions, houses of worship, and event and staging applications.

High Performance RGB and Video Scaling

The DVS 304 DVI features a high performance scaling engine with the capability to scale standard definition video, high definition video, and computer-video signals up and/or down in resolution. With the DVS 304 DVI, only a single RGBHV connection to the display is required, resulting in cost savings due to reduced installation time, cabling, and system programming. The DVS 304 DVI also delivers glitch-free switching between video and computer-video sources. Offering the capability to process both conventional video and high resolution multimedia sources, the DVS 304 DVI creates a single, optimally scaled output to match the native resolution of the display.

Variety of Input Formats

The four inputs of the DVS 304 DVI accommodate composite video, S-video, component video, and RGB. SDI Serial Digital Interface input is available as an option. The fourth input is flexible and fully configurable to accept any available Analogue video format from composite video to RGBHV. Additionally, with the exclusive Auto Input Format Detection mode, the DVS 304 DVI automatically detects and then processes the incoming signal format to this input. This powerful feature is particularly effective in simplifying system integration and operation when using a matrix switcher with the DVS 304 DVI.

EDID Minder

The DVS 304 DVI features EDID Minder which enables automatic and continuous management of the EDID information between the computer-video input source and the display. By maintaining continuous EDID communication, EDID Minder ensures that the source powers up properly and reliably outputs content to the display.

Multiple Control Options

The DVS 304 DVI can be operated via the front panel, RS-232, optional IR remote control, contact closure, and over a network with IP Link. IP Link technology enables remote control and configuration, monitoring of critical functions, and management of any equipped product throughout a facility from any Ethernet connection. With the DVS 304 DVI, IP Link also allows for direct communication with Extron IP Link-enabled matrix switchers for quick interoperation and powerful system integration.

Digital and Analogue Scaled Outputs

The DVS 304 DVI offers simultaneous digital and Analogue scaled outputs through the DVI-I port. Simultaneous Analogue scaled output is also available on BNC connectors. A total of 68 output scan rates are available from VGA (640x480) to WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution, as well as HDTV at 720p, 1080i, and 1080p/60.

Audio Models Available

The DVS 304 DVI A and DVS 304 DVI AD offer four input audio switching for stereo unbalanced or balanced sources. Independent gain and attenuation controls are available for each input, and all audio connections are on captive screw connectors for ease of integration. The output volume control eliminates the need for a separate audio preamplifier in many A/V systems.

Integrator Friendly Features

The DVS 304 DVI is equipped with a comprehensive feature set for integrator friendly access and configuration, as well as user friendly operation. An on-screen display facilitates display of information pertaining to the selected input and adjustment of picture settings, including positioning, size, zoom, brightness, contrast, colour, tint, and detail. Internal test patterns are available for calibration and setup. Configurations can be conveniently saved and recalled from up to three memory presets per input. To enhance presentations, a special PIP - picture-in-picture mode allows video and RGB sources to be combined within the same image.

Extron DVS 304 DVI D Key Features

Product Code Description
Extron60-1027-01 DVS 304 DVI Four Input Video/RGB Scaler with RGBHV and DVI output