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HDMI and DVI EDID Emulators and Processors

Scalers and Processors - EDID Emulators
Components to allow the emulation and storage of EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) information.
CYP Extron Kramer Lightware WyreStorm
HDMI and DVI EDID Emulators and Processors
Product Description Price Inc. VAT
CYP RE-101-4K22 product image CYP RE-101-4K22 1:1 4K UHD HDMI Repeater with EDID Management 1 × HDMI input; 2 × HDMI output; Max. 15m @ 1080p, 3m @ 4K 4:4:4; Max bandwidth 18Gbps £99 £118.80
CYP RE-EDID product image CYP RE-EDID HDMI 1.3 EDID Emulator £97 £116.40
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CYP RE-EDID-4K22 product image CYP RE-EDID-4K22 4K HDMI EDID Manager 1 × HDMI Input; 1 × HDMI output; UHD and 4K support; Max bandwidth 18Gbps £157 £188.40
Kramer PT-1C product image Kramer PT-1C HDMI EDID Processor £67 £80.40
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Lightware EDID Manager V4 product image Lightware EDID Manager V4 HDCP compatible HDMI/DVI EDID Emulator and cable extender with USB control Max. 60m @ 1920×1080 on input side £410 £492.00
Lightware HDMI-4K Manager product image Lightware HDMI-4K Manager 1:1 HDMI Extender with advanced EDID management 1 × HDMI input; 1 × HDMI output; 20m@4K or 30m@1080P max input cable length, 4K and 3D support Max. Bandwidth 10.2Gbps £380 £456.00
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WyreStorm CON-H2-EDID product image WyreStorm CON-H2-EDID 1:1 HDMI In-line Signal Re-clocker with EDID Management and audio extraction £183 £219.60