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DVI Distribution Amplifiers and Splitters

Distribution - DVI
Distribution amplifiers / splitters for DVI (Digital Video Interface) video and computer graphics allow you to take a single source to multiple displays. For distribution over greater distances you should look at Twisted pair solutions or Fibre Optic Solutions. If you need to switch multiple sources to a single display then look at DVI Switching or to switch multiple sources to multiple displays see DVI Matrix Switches.

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Gefen Kramer Lightware tvONE

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer 602R/T 1:1 Detachable DVI Optical Transmitter and Receiver £467 £560.40
Gefen EXT-DVI-141DLBP 1:1 Dual Link DVI booster
Max. 60m at 2560x1600
£194 £232.80
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Lightware DVIDL-Extender 1:1 Dual-Link DVI extender
Max 50m input
£220 £264.00
Lightware DVISL-Extender 1:1 Single-Link DVI distribution amplifier
Max. 50m input
£200 £240.00
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Kramer VM-12HDCP 1:12 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Reclocking, HDCP compliant, 19" rackmount width
£856 £1027.20
Kramer VM-2D 1:2 4K60 4:2:0 DVI and HDMI Distribution Amplifier
1 x DVI-I input; 2 x DVI-I outputs
£194 £232.80
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Lightware DA2DVI-DL 1:2 Dual Link DVI distribution amplifier £370 £444.00
Gefen EXT-DVI-142DLN 1:2 Dual Link DVI Splitter
Max. 3840x2400 resolution; Cascadable
£271 £325.20
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Lightware DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro 1:2 DVI Distribution Amplifier, HDCP compliant and reclocking
Max. 60m @ 1920 x 1080 on input side
£290 £348.00
tvONE 1T-DA-552 1:2 DVI-D, HDMI v1.3 Compatible distribution amplifier. HDCP Compliant
Max. Res 1080p, 1920x1200
£206 £247.20
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Kramer VM-400HDCPxl 1:4 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 DVI Distribution Amplifier £233 £279.60
Gefen EXT-DVI-144DL 1:4 Dual Link DVI splitter
Max. 3840 x 2400 resolution with internal or pass-through EDID
£698 £837.60
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Gefen EXT-DVI-144N 1:4 DVI Distribution Amplifier £388 £465.60
Kramer VM-4HDCPxl 1:4 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Reclocking, HDCP compliant, 19" rackmount width
£264 £316.80
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tvONE 1T-DA-564 1:4 DVI-D + stereo and S.PDIF audio , HDMI v1.3 Compatible. HDCP Compliant.
Max. Res 1080p, 1920x1200
£220 £264.00
Gefen EXT-DVI-148 1:8 DVI Distribution Amplifier £740 £888.00
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Kramer VM-24HDCP 2x1:4 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Reclocking, HDCP compliant, 19" rackmount width
£373 £447.60