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Digital to Analogue Signal Converters

Converters - Digital to Analogue
Convert digital video (HDMI, DVI, SDI and DisplayPort) to analogue computer graphics (VGA/RGBHV) and video signals (component, s-video and composite) formats. See Digital to Analogue to reverse the conversion.
Blackmagic Design Extron tvONE
Digital to Analogue Signal Converters
Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Blackmagic  CONVMASA4K product image Blackmagic CONVMASA4K Mini Converter 6G/3G/HD/SD SDI to HD Component/S-Video/Composite 2×6G/3G/HD/SD SDI input with loop through; 1 × Component/S-Video or Composite output with stereo audio £302 £362.40
tvONE 1T-DVI-VGA product image tvONE 1T-DVI-VGA DVI to VGA Converter and Scaler 1 × DVI input; 1 × DVI output £228 £273.60
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tvONE 1T-FC-326 product image tvONE 1T-FC-326 HDMI to Component Converter and Switch with audio 2 × HDMI inputs; 1 × Component output; Non copy protected material only £232 £278.40