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Analogue to Digital Signal Converters

Converters - Analogue to Digital
Convert analogue computer graphics (VGA/RGBHV) and video signals (component, s-video and composite) to digital video formats. See Digital to Analogue to reverse the conversion.
AJA Blackmagic Design CYP Extron Gefen Kramer tvONE

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
AJA HD10A-Plus Component/S-Video/Composite to HD/SD SDI converter
1 x HD/SD Component, Composite or S-Video input; 3 x SDI outputs
£591 £709.20
AJA HD10AVA Component/S-Video/Composite & 4-Channel Analogue Audio to HD/SD SDI
1 x Component/S-Video/Composite input; 3 x HD/SD SDI BNC output
£591 £709.20
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AJA V2Digital 1:1 Component Video to HD/SD-SDI Converter
1 x Component/S-Video/Composite on BNC input; 1 x HD/SD-SDI on BNC output
£295 £354.00
Blackmagic CONVMAAS2 Component/S-Video/Composite to HD/SD SDI Converter with audio
1 x Component/S-Video or Composite, 1 x stereo audio inputs; 2 x HD/SD SDI BNC outputs
£169 £202.80
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CYP SY-HDVGA-4K22 RGBHV / HDMI to HDMI 4K Scaler With Audio
1 x HDMI, 1 x 15-pin dsub inputs; 1 x HDMI output; HDMI 2.0, 18Gbps, audio de-embedding, auto switchng
£345 £414.00
CYP SY-P290 VGA/DVI/Component to HDMI converter and scaler with audio
1 × DVI-I, 1 × VGA 15-pin d-sub inputs; 1 × HDMI output
£163 £195.60
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CYP SY-P293 VGA/RGBHV to HDMI converter/scaler with audio £231 £277.20
CYP SY-P295N Composite and S-Video with audio to HDMI converter and scaler
1 × Composite, 1 × S-Video inputs; 1 × HDMI output
£252 £302.40
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Gefen EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC HDMI and VGA to 3G-SDI scaler and converter
1×HDMI, 1×VGA plus stereo audio inputs; 1×SDI output
£453 £543.60
Kramer DIP-31 3:1 4K UHD HDMI & Computer Graphics Automatic Video Switcher
2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA inputs; 1 x HDMI output; Max. 10.2Gbps
£419 £502.80
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Kramer VP-410 Composite Video and Stereo Audio to HDMI Scaler
1 x Composite+Stereo audio on RCA connectors, 1 x HDMI output
£189 £226.80
Kramer VP-425 VGA/RGBHV and HDTV to HDMI ProScale Digital Scaler
1 x VGA 15-pin HD and stereo audio inputs; 1 x HDMI output
£280 £336.00
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tvONE 1T-FC-524 VGA/YPbPr/YUV Component to DVI Converter
No Scaling
£126 £151.20
tvONE 1T-VS-622 Composite/S-Video and audio to HDMI Scaler
1 x Composite, 1 x S-Video inputs; 1 x HDMI output
£260 £312.00
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tvONE 1T-VS-624 Component/VGA to HDMI Scaler with audio
1 x RGBHV/Component input; 1 x HDMI output
£260 £312.00
tvONE 1T-VS-658 HDMI, DVI, Analogue RGBHV, Component, S-Video or composite to HDMI Switcher/Scaler
1 x HDMI, 1 x RGBHV VGA, 1 x Component, 1 x S-Video, 1 x Composite inputs; 1 x HDMI output
£398 £477.60
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