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26/02/2024 10000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REQ10WEJ laser light source and 10000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REQ10BEJ laser light source projectors added to range.
24/02/2024 8000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ80BEJ, 8000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ80WEJ, 10000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ10BEJ, 10000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ10WEJ, 12000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ12BEJ and 12000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-REZ12WEJ projectors added to range.
22/02/2024 11000 Lumens WUXGA Panasonic PT-MZ11KLBEJ laser light source projector added to range.
20/02/2024 New 9600 Lumens WUXGA Vivitek DU7299Z-BK interchangeable lens laser light source installation projector added to range and 27000 Lumens WUXGA Vivitek DU9057Z added to range.
19/02/2024 New 7600 Lumens WUXGA Vivitek DU7099Z-WH laser light source installation projector added to range.
16/02/2024 10000 Lumens WUXGA Epson EB-PU2010B, 13000 Lumens WUXGA Epson EB-PU2113W added to range.
15/02/2024 7000 Lumens WUXGA Epson EB-L775U and 8500 Lumens WUXGA Epson EB-PU1008W laser light source installation projectors added to range.
14/02/2024 4100 Lumens 1080P Epson EB-770F ultra short throw laser projector added to range.
13/02/2024 5200 Lumens WUXGA Epson EB-L570U laser projector added to range.
09/02/2024 New Philips 55BDL2105X/00 54.5 inch 1920×1080p, Philips 75BFL2214/12 75 inch 3840*2160 VA / Direct LED, Philips 43BFL2214/12 43 inch 3840x2160 Professional LED Televisions added to range.
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