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Unicol CP1/1000/PSU

Bespoke Projector Ceiling Mount
Max 40kg; 1 metre drop

Unicol CP1/1000/PSU

A comprehensive range of projector mounts covering all makes of single lens projectors. Each unit purpose designed and safety tested for the model listed. Mounts support the projector either inverted or in a cradle unit according to manufacturers recommendations. All have full swivel and tilt for easy positioning. Cables can be concealed inside columns and suspended ceiling installations finished with Trim Discs.

  • Tilt & swivel
  • Inverted or cradle installation
  • Available with 50,100 or 200cm column
  • False ceiling trim disc option
  • Max Load: 40.00kg.
£341 (£409.20 inc. VAT)
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CP1/1000/PSU Component Parts

Product Code Description
1 × Unicol 1000 1000mm mild steel chrome finished column for trolleys and floor stands (Available in Chrome or Stainless Steel, Drilled and Undrilled)
1 × Unicol CP1 Single Column Ceiling Plate, Max 60kg
1 × Unicol PSU Bespoke projector bracket for projectors up to 60kg