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Composite Video Distribution Amplifiers and Splitters

Distribution - Composite
Distribution amplifiers / splitters for composite video allow you to take a single source to multiple displays. To switch multiple sources to multiple displays see Composite Matrix Switches.
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Extron Kramer
Composite Video Distribution Amplifiers and Splitters
Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer 104LN product image Kramer 104LN 1:4 Differential Video Line Amplifier 1 × BNC input, 4 × BNC outputs £128 £153.60
Kramer 105VB product image Kramer 105VB 1:5 Video Distribution amplifier 1 × BNC input, 5 × BNC outputs £165 £198.00
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Kramer PT-102VN product image Kramer PT-102VN 1:2 Composite or SDI Video Distribution Amplifier 1 × BNC input, 2 × BNC outputs £107 £128.40
Kramer VM-1021N product image Kramer VM-1021N 1:20 Composite and SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier with Loop £821 £985.20
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Kramer VM-3VN product image Kramer VM-3VN 1:3 Composite Distribution Amplifier BNC Connectors £145 £174.00
Kramer VM-80VN product image Kramer VM-80VN 1:8 Composite and SDI Distribution Amplifier £387 £464.40
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