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Av Equipment Rack Mounts

Component Accessories - Rack Mounts
Enclosures and adaptors to allow the rack mounting of various component.

AJA Kramer tvONE

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
AJA DRM Frame 2U height rack mount for up 12 AJA Mini-Converters £560 £672.00
Kramer RK-1 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Selected Desktop & MultiTOOLS £46 £55.20
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Kramer RK-13 19-Inch Rack Adapter 3 x Desktop Size units £46 £55.20
Kramer RK-19N Mounting Brackets to Install a Single Kramer Product Under a Table £31 £37.20
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Kramer RK-21 19 inch Rack Adapter for desktop units £47 £56.40
Kramer RK-3T 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Kramer TOOLS
For 3 TOOLS or DigiTOOLS
£38 £45.60
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Kramer RK-3T-B Rack Adapter 3 x Tools new shape and black colour £63 £75.60
Kramer RK-4PT 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Pico TOOLS £46 £55.20
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Kramer RK-4PT-B Rack Adapter 4 x PicoTools new shape and black colour £71 £85.20
Kramer RK-622 Rack Adapter for 622T/R £54 £64.80
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Kramer RK-T2B 19-Inch Rack Adapter for MegaTOOLS £46 £55.20
Kramer RK-T2SB 19-Inch Rack Adapter for TOOLS & MegaTOOLS £46 £55.20
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Kramer RK-UT1 19-Inch Under the Table Shelf for Selected Desktop & MultiTOOLS £62 £74.40
Kramer RK-WP16 Rack Adapter
16 single / 8 double Wall Plate Inserts
£54 £64.80
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Kramer RK-WP6 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Single Wall Plate Inserts £38 £45.60
tvONE RM-220 Single/Dual Rackmount Frame for C2-1000/2000, 1T-VS-558/658, P2-105 and S2 Series Products £34 £40.80
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