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AV Equipment Power Supplies and Transformers

Component Accessories - Power Supply
Replacement equipment power supplies and mult-way supplies for powering multiple units.
CYP Extron Kramer tvONE

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
CYP RE-PI HDMI Power Inserter
Inserts HDMI standard 2w power supply for self powering HDMI products
£26 £31.20
Kramer PS-1202 12V/5A Desktop Power Supply with 75cm power cord £31 £37.20
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Kramer PS-1202-O 12V DC/2A Open Head Power Supply £39 £46.80
Kramer PS-1205 Desktop Power Supply 12V/5A £49 £58.80
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Kramer PS-1DN Redundant Power Supply for VS-3232DN/VS-6464DN £857 £1028.40
Kramer PS-4801 48V/1.36A Desktop Power Supply £39 £46.80
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Kramer PS-504 Desktop Power Supply 5V/4A £31 £37.20
Kramer PSE-1 10Gb UHD Power over Ethernet Injector £124 £148.80
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Kramer VA-101P5 5-Output 5v DC Power Supply MAX 9A - 1.8 Amp per channel £178 £213.60
Kramer VA-102P12 10-Output 12v DC Power Supply MAX 10A - 1 Amp per channel £326 £391.20
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Kramer VA-102P5 10-Output 5v DC Power Supply Max 18A - 1.8 Amp per channel £326 £391.20
tvONE P2-105 5-Output 12v Rack mount power supply £108 £129.60
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