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Epson EB-530

Epson EB-530 Key Features

  • 3200 Lumens Colour Light Output
  • XGA 1024*768 Native Resolution
  • 5000 hour lamp life (typical)
  • 16000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Ultra Short Throw
  • Horizontal & Vertical Keystone Correction
  • Logo capture and display
  • PIN Code Security
  • Digital (HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort) Input
  • sRGB Colour Mode
  • Monitor Out
  • Network Control
  • 3.7kg (8.2lb.)
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£695 (£834.00 inc. VAT)
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Throw Calculator

Size Range: 102 to 219cm
Lens Minimum
Standard Lens 0.56m 0.56m 381
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Epson EB-530 Throw Chart

Epson EB-530 throw distance chart
How the graph works

Along the horizontal axis is the distance in metres between the front of the projector and the projection screen. Up the vertical axis is the width of the image the projector will produce. We use width rather than diagonal as the width will remain consistent with the throw distance and zoom setting whereas the height and therefore the diagonal will vary depending on the source. For example, if you have a 4:3 aspect ratio projector and use it to watch a 16:9 aspect ratio DVD then the image will be "letterboxed", i.e. the width will remain the same but the height will be reduced.

Projector Throw From Screen Size Table (4:3 aspect ratio, in metres)
Diag.WidthHeightMin. ThrowMax ThrowAreaNits
1.27 1.020.760.560.560.77²1315.6
1.43 1.150.860.630.630.99²1032.3
1.60 1.280.960.700.701.22²831.6
1.76 1.411.060.770.771.49²684.2
1.92 1.541.160.850.851.78²572.8
2.09 1.671.250.920.922.09²486.5
2.25 1.801.350.990.992.43²418.4
2.42 1.931.451.061.062.80²363.6
2.58 2.061.551.131.133.19²318.9
2.74 2.191.651.211.213.61²282.0

Nits are a measure of the brightness of the final image. Multiply the figure in the Nits column by the gain of your screen to obtain a true figure.

Projector lamps dim over their life spans so make allowances by multiplying the foot nits by 0.75 to get a reasonable average.If you intend to calibrate your projector then this will also affect brightness. For home cinema use in a well darkened roon, about 42-70 Nits is ideal. For office use, aim for at least 175.

Screen Size For Given Throw Table
Throw Min. Width Max. Width
0.50 0.91 0.91
0.50 0.91 0.91
0.61 1.12 1.12
0.73 1.32 1.32
0.84 1.53 1.53
0.96 1.74 1.74
1.07 1.95 1.95
1.19 2.16 2.16