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Screen International FlatMax FM700X525-WHT Projector Screen

Diagonal: 344" (8.75m)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (1.33:1)
Viewable Area: 22' 11" x 17' 2" (700.0 x 525.0cm)
Finish: Screen International White
  • Smart design and easy to install
  • Rugged aluminium profile suitable for big dimensions' screens
  • Frame dimensions: 95x55mm (WxD)
  • Aluminium frame painted with dull black epoxy powders (RAL 9005) with 45deg. aluminium edges
  • Top and bottom wall mounting brackets included
  • Eye-bolts for ceiling mounting also included
  • For screens of 7 metres or wider that have to be ceiling mounted, a central aluminium rod will is included for the rear of the screen
  • Projection fabrics are flame-retardant, classification M1 and B1
  • Total frame depth including wall mounting brackets: 60 mm.
The Screen International FlatMax is a fixed frame suitable to manufacture large frame screens from 5 metres up to 10 metres wide. It is provided with and elastic anchoring system with the advantage of having flexible fixing points for the projection material. The screen can be wall mounted or it can be installed flying from the ceiling by steel cables.
£1919 (£2302.80 inc. VAT)
Availability: 2-3 Weeks

Screen International FM700X525-WHT

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Screen International FM700X525-WHT Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions Metric Imperial
Width 7000mm 275.6"
Height 5250mm 206.7"
Diagonal 8750mm 344.5"
Area 36.75m² 395.57'
Overall Dimensions Inc. Frame
Length 7190mm 283.1"
Height 5440mm 214.2"
Depth 55mm 2.2"
Surface Specifications
Surface Finish Screen International White
Gain 1.2
Frame borders 95mm 3.7"
Viewing Angle 150°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 3.03 / 1000
cd/m2 (nits) / ANSI Lumen 10.39 / 1000
Additional Information
Weight 76.00kg.
Suggested Max. Viewing Distance 21.0m for fine detail
31.5m for text (spreadsheets etc.)
42.0m for video and images

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Product Width
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Screen International FlatMax FM700X525 7000 5250 8750 1.33:1 36.75sq.m. £2063 £2475.60