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Screen International Compact Home Cinema CHC160X90/CS Projector Screen

Key Features

  • Silent motor for smooth operation
  • Case and counterweight manufactured in aluminium
  • Smart design and easy to install
  • Housing dimensions: 94x112 mm.
  • Housing painted with white epoxy powders (RAL 9010)
  • Two universal mounting brackets ceiling or wall installation
  • Wall switch included
  • Projection fabrics are flame-retardant - class M1 and M2
  • 5cm side border, 30cm top and 3.5cm black counterweight
Type: Electric
Diagonal: 72" (1.84m)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (1.78:1)
Viewable Area: 5' 2" x 3' 11" (160.0 x 90.0cm)
Finish: Screen International Cinesound

The Screen International Compact Home Cinema is an electric screen dedicated to the Home Theatre market and it is the right alternative to the Double Format or to the Compact Tensioned screens because high quality features mark it out from the other Home Theatre models. A black drop on the top of the projection surface allows to install this screen inside false ceilings or inside rooms with high ceiling. Side black borders let perceive a brighter and sharper image.

Screen International CHC160X90/CS Downloads

£728 (£873.60 inc. VAT)
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Screen International CHC160X90/CS

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Screen International CHC160X90/CS Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions

Metric Imperial
Width 1600mm 63.0"
Height 900mm 35.4"
Diagonal 1835mm 72.3"
Area 1.44m² 15.50'

Overall Material Surface Dimensions

Width 1700mm 66.9"
Height 950mm 37.4"
Diagonal 1947mm 76.7"
Top Border Size 50mm 1.97"
Bottom Border 0mm 0.00"
Left & Right Border Size 50mm 1.97"
Area 1.61m² 17.38'

Case Dimensions

Length 1790mm 70.5"
Height 94mm 3.7"
Depth 112mm 4.4"

Surface Specifications

Surface Finish Screen International Cinesound
Gain 0.7
Viewing Angle 120°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 45.16 / 1000
cd/m2 (nits) / ANSI Lumen 154.73 / 1000

Additional Information

Weight 15.00kg.
Suggested Viewing Distance 2.19m (for HD/UHD Video)
Bottom Border The counterweight acts as a bottom border, being 35mm high

Screen International Cinesound Projection Surface

CineSound is an acoustically transparent PVC material designed to remain completely flat with a 0.7 gain and 120 degree viewing angle.

Screen International CHC160X90/CS Accessories & Complementary Products

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Screen International KOS Key operated switch to replace manual wall switch £93 £111.60
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Screen International RFPAD-SI RF Remote wall pad for Screen International electric screens and projector lifts (requires RF receiver) £61 £73.20
Screen International RFREMOTE-SI RF Remote control receiver for Screen International electric screens and projector lifts £82 £98.40

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