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Draper Euroscreen Sesame 2.1 Tab Tensioned SESTIN1817-D Projector Screen

Diagonal: 79" (2.00m)
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (1.6:1)
Viewable Area: 5' 6" x 3' 5" (170.0 x 106.0cm)
Finish: Euroscreen ReAct 3.0
  • Tab Tension function for flat viewing surface
  • White aluminium case for recessed ceiling installation
  • Bottom dowel closes the case flush - screen concealed when not used
  • Adjustable inner brackets allow for fine-tune of bottom dowel for perfectly flush closure when retracted up into case
  • Innovative design for quick access and installation
  • Unique removable end flange integrated with the case
  • Concealed drop function of screen section
  • Optional to install case first and screen later
  • Optional recessed ceiling brackets are available
An innovative recessed ceiling case design for installation within a ceiling void, suitable for installation in suspended or plastered ceilings. The case features a concealed drop function for the complete screen section allowing installation of the case first and screen later. Brackets are designed for a trouble-free installation of the case in a prepared ceiling cut-out up to a 100 cm ceiling void. Adjustable inner brackets allow for fine-tuning of the bottom dowel for perfectly flush closure when retracted. The unique removable integrated external flange profiles allow for easy service access. The tensioned Sesame 2.1 provides an excellent flat viewing surface, and the surface can be adjusted after time if needed. This is a very popular screen for use with short throw projectors.
£1347 (£1616.40 inc. VAT)
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Draper Euroscreen SESTIN1817-D

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Draper Euroscreen SESTIN1817-D Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions Metric Imperial
Width 1700mm 66.9"
Height 1060mm 41.7"
Diagonal 2003mm 78.9"
Area 1.80m² 19.40'
Overall Material Surface Dimensions
Width 1800mm 70.9"
Height 1410mm 55.5"
Diagonal 2286mm 90.0"
Top Border Size 300mm 11.81"
Bottom Border 50mm 1.97"
Left & Right Border Size 50mm 1.97"
Area 2.54m² 27.32'
Case Dimensions
Length 2225mm 87.6"
Height 100mm 3.9"
Depth 161mm 6.3"
Surface Specifications
Surface Finish Euroscreen ReAct 3.0
Gain 1
Viewing Angle 140°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 51.56 / 1000
Lux / ANSI Lumen 554.94 / 1000
Additional Information
Weight 22.00kg.
Cutout length Material width + 505mm
Cutout width 140mm
Warranty 2 years

Euroscreen ReAct 3.0 Projection Surface

A few years back Euroscreen introduced the revolutionary screen surface ReAct. ReAct soon became popular due to its superior high contrast features in combination with its competitive price. Through the years the surface has been upgraded and improved, and now Euroscreen is proud to be able to introduce the 3 version of ReAct.

ReAct 3.0 is an unsupported, silver grey front projection surface with enhanced light control. The surface is slightly darker in colour than its predecessor, which eliminates ambient light even better, but at the same time the new ­surface will be better at filtering daylight and will project a brighter image. The coated structure and the new finish of the material boost colour contrast (­colour temp 6508 K) and black levels, and ­provide a full depth in the projected ­image. With an improved viewing angle you get an even better viewing ­experience, even in a ­brightly­ lit ­audience area. And with a gain of 1.0 and a viewing angle of 76°, ReAct 3.0 offers universal ­benefits, and is an excellent choice for many AV ­installations. The material is equally suitable for conference rooms as for home theatres.

ReAct 3.0 is Full HD and 4K compatible, and the flexible fabric ensures an excellent, flat viewing surface for fixed frame and Tab Tension screens. With a darker silver coloured material, the ­surface is even more suitable for use in bright areas than the previous versions of ReAct. Used in Tab ­Tension, the silver grey finish provides a ­natural framing of the projected image, even if you ­choose a screen without black borders. Without the permanent borders you get a projection screen that delivers a more flexible choice when it comes to choosing your projection format.

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