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Ceiling Recessed Projection Screens (1:1 aspect ratio)

Draper Euroscreen Sesame 2.1 1:1 Projection Screens

Draper Euroscreen Sesame 2.1
  • White aluminium case for recessed ceiling installation
  • Bottom dowel closes the case flush - screen concealed when not used
  • Adjustable inner brackets allow for fine-tune of bottom dowel for perfectly flush closure when retracted up into case
  • Innovative design for quick access and installation
  • Unique removable end flange integrated with the case
  • Concealed drop function of screen section
  • Optional to install case first and screen later
  • Optional recessed ceiling brackets are available
Product Screen Material Gain Viewable
Diagonal Price Inc. VAT
Draper Euroscreen SXIN160 Draper Euroscreen Xpert 0.9 160cm 160cm 226cm  (89") £526 £631.20
Draper Euroscreen SXIN180 Draper Euroscreen Xpert 0.9 180cm 180cm 255cm  (100") £537 £644.40
Draper Euroscreen SXIN200 Draper Euroscreen Xpert 0.9 200cm 200cm 283cm  (111") £574 £688.80
Draper Euroscreen SXIN220 Draper Euroscreen Xpert 0.9 220cm 220cm 311cm  (122") £648 £777.60
Draper Euroscreen SXIN240 Draper Euroscreen Xpert 0.9 240cm 240cm 339cm  (134") £690 £828.00
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