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Kramer RTBUS-27XL(BC)

Round Table Mount 4 Cable Pass-Through - Silver Sandblasted Anodized Aluminum Top, 111-114mm cutout

£101 (£121.20 inc. VAT)
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Kramer RTBUS-27XL(BC) (80-00028899)

The Kramer RTBUS-27xl is an elegant furniture−mounted, round connection bus that houses a power socket and two cable pass−throughs. RTBUS-27xl features a pneumatic lid mechanism for lifting and smooth closing and is easily installed into a table or podium top. NOTE: The power socket, power cord and cables are purchased separately. UK: Use TS−21GB power socket

Kramer RTBUS-27XL(BC) Key Features

Table/Surface Access mount modules

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
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Kramer T-4INSERT Bracket to Install 4 Inserts in a Dual Power Socket Opening £11 £13.20
Kramer TS-1GB Single UK Power socket for TBUS £32 £38.40
Kramer TS-1U Single Universal Power socket £32 £38.40
Kramer TS-201GB Single GB Power socket for TBUS-201xl & TBUS-202xl £32 £38.40
Kramer TS-201U Single Universal Power socket for TBUS-201xl £16 £19.20
Kramer TS-21GB Single GB Power socket £33 £39.60
Kramer TS-2GB Dual UK Power socket for TBUS £41 £49.20
Kramer TS-2U Dual Universal Power socket £41 £49.20
Kramer TS-PEU Universal Socket Power Extension for Modular TBUS £159 £190.80
Kramer TS-UC TBUS power socket module with 2 USB charging ports £16 £19.20
Kramer W-2Blank Double Blank Plate for TBUS and Wall Plates £4 £4.80
Kramer W-2UC Dual USB Charger for TBUS and Wall Plates (Total 4A output; Includes power supply) £72 £86.40
Kramer W-45 Wall Plate Insert - RJ-45 £19 £22.80
Kramer W-Blank Blank plate for TBUS and wall plates £3 £3.60
Kramer W-DP DisplayPort wall plate and architectural solution module £19 £22.80
Kramer W-DVI DVI-I Adaptor module £15 £18.00
Kramer W-H HDMI Adaptor £19 £22.80
Kramer W4545 Double RJ-45 Pass through £24 £28.80
Kramer WA-1PN Wall Plate Insert − 3.5mm Stereo Audio £19 £22.80
Kramer WA-1XLF XLR adaptor module £16 £19.20
Kramer WA-45 3.5mm and RJ-45 Pass Through module insert £16 £19.20
Kramer WCP Cable pass through 10mm diameter £13 £15.60
Kramer WCP-2 Dual Cable Pass Through up to 12.5mm Diameter £13 £15.60
Kramer WCP-21 Dual Cable Pass Through up to 12.5mm and 9mm in Diameter £13 £15.60
Kramer WU-2AA 2 × USB 2.0 Type A pass through module for TBUS and Wall Plates £29 £34.80
Kramer WU-AA USB-A 2.0 female to USB-A 2.0 female adaptor module £16 £19.20
Kramer WU-AB USB-A female to USB-B cable female adapter £16 £19.20
Kramer WU-BA USB-B female to USB-A cable female adapter (Available in Black, grey or white) £16 £19.20
Kramer WU-CA USB-C 3.1 Wall Plate and TBus Insert £34 £40.80
Kramer WU3-AA 1 × USB 3.0 Type A pass through module for TBUS and Wall Plates £29 £34.80
Kramer WX-2F Female VGA to Female VGA Adaptor module £21 £25.20