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Kramer's C-DPM/HM is perfect for connecting a DisplayPort source directly to an HDMI monitor or display. The male-to-male configuration eliminates the extra cable connection required by adapters with a male-to-female configuration. This simplifies the system and reduces the number of failure points. It is perfect for applications that require a video connection between a new laptop or desktop and an HDMI-enabled display.
  • Compatibility - Requires a dual-mode DisplayPort device that implements both HDMI and DisplayPort signals. These devices are usually identified with the DP++ logo
  • Available in Lengths - 0.9 to 4.6m (3, 6, 10 and 15ft)
£22 (£26.40 inc. VAT)
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Kramer DisplayPort to HDMI Other Lengths

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer C-DPM/HM-3 0.9m DisplayPort to HDMI (M-M) £18 £21.60
Kramer C-DPM/HM-10 3.0m DisplayPort to HDMI (M-M) £23 £27.60
Kramer C-DPM/HM-15 4.6m DisplayPort to HDMI (M-M) £24 £28.80

Kramer C-DPM/HM-6 Possible Alternatives

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer C-MDP/HM-6 1.8m Mini DisplayPort (M) to HDMI (M) Cable £18 £21.60
Kramer C-MDPM/MDPM-6 1.8m DisplayPort Flexinble Cable (Max 4K@60Hz 4:4:4) £21 £25.20
Kramer C-DPM/HM/UHD-6 1.8m Active DisplayPort Male to HDMI Male Cable to 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 £27 £32.40
Kramer C-DP-6 1.8m DisplayPort 4K Cable (Max 21.6Gbps 4K@60Hz 4:4:4) £21 £25.20