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Kramer BC-1X Cables

Kramer BC-1X

Kramer's BC-1X is a super high-resolution RG-6 style coaxial cable perfect for long distance composite and 3G HD-SDI runs that require precision performance with analogue or digital video signals.

  • Quality Construction - 18 gauge solid centre conductor and dual shield design consisting of aluminium braid and dual aluminium Mylar foil. Rugged and flexible with low attenuation.
  • Universal Compatibility - Compatible with Kramer's compression connectors as well as typical crimp systems.
  • Length - Available in reels of 100/300m (328/984ft).

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer BC-1X-100M 100.0m RG-6 Single Coax High-Res Cable £71 £85.20
Kramer BC-1X-300M 300.0m RG-6 Single Coax High Resolution Cable £227 £272.40
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