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Wireless Microphone System comprising MC-76X headset, DB-5400 beltpack and DWR-5420 receiver

£298 (£357.60 inc. VAT)
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The Chiayo 2.4GHz System BH is a 2.4GHz Wireless Beltpack and Headset Microphone System by Chiayo which contains the DWR5420 Receiver, DB5400 Beltpack and MC-76X Headset Microphone Transmitter.

The 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Microphone system from Chiayo provides a number of key advantages over the traditional UHF and VHF systems.

Working on the 2.4GHz/Bluetooth band the system can be operated completely licence free, ideal for applications across a wide range of the Education, Ecclesiastical and Corporate markets.

Up to 190 separate channels are available and up to 20 units may be used simultaneously, ideal for applications which require multiple wireless systems to operate at the same time.

Its combination of narrow bandwidth and uncompressed audio provide very high quality sound reproduction and its fast switch on time is also ideal for live audio events.

Equally at home working either Indoors or Outdoors the system can transmit over a distance of up to 100m in the correct environment and conditions.

The unique DWR5420 Receiver has the ability to operate in a number of modes, in the single channel mode (true diversity) the receiver works with a single microphone/transmitter, however in dual channel mode the diversity receivers are split and operate as two independent receivers (non diversity) allowing two microphones/transmitters to work with the receiver simultaneously. Ideal especially when there is a requirement to add extra microphones to a system.

Options of Handheld DH5400 and Beltpack DB5400 Transmitters are available, as are 19” Rack Kits MP90S and MP92S and HC-92 Drop In Charger for use with rechargeable batteries (not supplied).

Chiayo 2.4GHZ SYSTEM BH Compatible Products

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Chiayo DB-5400 2.4GHz Beltpack Transmitter with MC16X Tie Clip Microphone £98 £117.60
Chiayo DWR-5420 2.4GHz Dual Channel Diversity Receiver £153 £183.60
Chiayo MC-76X Slimline Headset Microphone £35 £42.00